Our company has been engaged in printing and packaging industry for more than ten years, and has advanced technology and automation equipment: Heidelberg printing press, UV machine, beer box machine, automatic pasting machine, which can efficiently and quickly produce high-quality products for our customers and provide better services.

1. 1000 boxes and related samples, 800 kinds of raw materials for you to choose, more than 80% of products exported, customers in 47 industry, 58 countries and regions;
2. raw material use recyclable, environmentally friendly materials, and by the FSC certification;
3. the raw material quality is stable and reliable: most by working with our company for more than 10 years of 20 suppliers;
4. 18 quality checking: paper, material, printing, screen printing, flocking, embossing quality, hot stamping, hit convex, indented, beer, UV, glue, to the quality of paper mounted, finished product, packing bags, truck loading inspection;
5. the comapny has passed ISO90001:2008 quality management system certification, Germany and China certification;

Service advantages:
 Pre - sales
1. product prices are lower than those of traders: adopts procurement integration method, dozens of centralized purchasing, centralized production orders for customers, lower prices;
2. lower shipping cost: a large number of shipping order, shipping it from forwarder in order to get a lower price;
3. a strong technical team good at complex manual box;
1. rapid proofing: 24 hours to pay the sample fastest ordinary products;
2. quick delivery: ordinary products 96 hours fastest delivery;
3. safe and reliable storage management;
1. customers pay a return visit, the independent along after-sales deparment is responsible for the goods sent to follow;
2. quick response: after-sales problem, 12 hours response;
3. defects treatment: factory strong technical force in a timely manner to solve the quality problem of the product.

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